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Four Radically Alternative CV Designs That Work

Now more than ever, the conventional CV as it has been scripted and used for generations is starting to lose its sparkle. The reason being that it is almost unheard of for anyone to produce a CV by any means other than prefabricated and extensively spell-checked computer template. Of course the content of the CV should be what matters most, but in terms of getting the thing read and noticed in the first place, we are living in an age of millions of CVs that look absolutely identical.

Of course, those who prefer to see the silver lining in every cloud will interpret all of the above as an opportunity rather than a problem. Indeed, the fact that pretty much every CV constructed these days looks the same as every other means that if you do manage to stand out, your CV could be literally one in a million.
Here’s a quick look at four radically alternative CV designs that could just do the trick:

The Infographic CV
First up, the whole point of an infographic is to take a pretty huge dose of information and present it in a manner which is both attractive and digestible. When you think about it, this is technically the exact purpose of a professional CV as you are wanting to give the employer a cross section look at who you are and what you are all about, using concise and simple information presentation methods. So if you can pull it off, transforming your CV into an attractive infographic can be an absolutely fantastic way of standing out.

The Video CV
Of course as some will quite rightly point out the fact is that the video CV is in fact anything but a new concept. Not only have some folk been using video CVs for years, but there are certain industries and jobs where video CVs are to some extent expected or even required. Nevertheless, if you are looking to work in an industry where video CVs are not the norm, a creative and entertaining video could again help to stand out from the crowd.

The Reverse CV
Andrew Horner shot to fame quite some time ago for producing a brilliant example of a reverse CV, which has since been replicated with varying degrees of success by a fair few people. The content itself is basically one of advertising yourself as if you were the job on offer and the recruiters are the ones that are required to apply for you, rather than the other way around. It’s again a rather tricky one to pull off, but if you get it right, it is all but guaranteed to ensure you stand out from the crowd while displaying real creativity and a dash of boldness.

The Absent CV
Last but not least, perhaps the single most radical alternative to the conventional CV is the absent CV – as in not to send a CV at all. Now more than ever, job seekers need to be looking above and beyond simple pieces of paper like these to communicate who they are and why they are the perfect candidate for any given job. There have been so many examples over recent years of plucky individuals who have simply reached out to companies with the pitch stating little more than “you need me, I am the best person for the job so get in touch with me right now” ended up being incredibly successful. It of course doesn’t work in every job area and you need to be both realistic and creative, but just remember at all times that the CV as you may know it is far from the be all and end all.

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