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3 Top Careers in Financial Services

We think jobs in the Finance sector are dynamic and challenging. After all you are at the very heart of money management. And there are a lot of different choices available for graduates. Those that are more academic and those that are more about one on one meetings. Whether banking, insurance, investment or financial services, they all offer the opportunity to be a key cog in any management wheel. Here are 3 of the top finance jobs around.

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The financial planner

AKA Financial advisor, financial analyst, financial consultant, financial manager

Financial planners to give them a more flamboyant term are financial architects. Their goal is to improve a client’s fiscal foundation by looking at the big picture: that means evaluating key data and recommending appropriate solutions to problems.

They are highly valued for their aptitude in research and critical thinking, and their excellent communication skills come in handy when preparing assessment reports or explaining complex financial ideas to clients.

Where to find the jobs? Banks, mutual and pension management companies, insurance companies, and securities firms or independents.

What you need? A background in business, accounting, finance, or statistics. Certification gives credibility but support your knowledge and work experience in the role.

The relationship manager or agent/broker

Financial advisor, accounts representative

These roles are great for communicators. If you like “client-facing” positions then this would be a good fit. Agents, brokers and relationship managers are the key support of the financial services industry. It’s what you do in this position that can dictate the success of the company you work for.

What does it involve? Attracting new business to the company, nurturing current clients. Good relations. Creating trust in the product. Sales activities, marketing, technical support. And much analytics.

What you need? Good interpersonal skills and an ability to communicate complex financial ideas or products in clear and simple terms. The capacity to work in leadership and team positions. Personality would help. You can’t be a shrinking violet.

The investment banking analyst

Exactly what it says on the tin

A tough area to get in to, but a challenging and rewarding job. This involves gathering the information that’s needed to make investment decisions. That could be analysing financial statements, constructing financial models, preparing reports on prospective investment sectors, researching market trends, managing trades, and assembling presentations or internal meetings for management.

What you need? Self motivation. While you will work in a team, this is a job that involves focus and a strong work ethic. Not to mention a degree in finance, accounting, business, or economics. Spreadsheets come with the job. You need to problem-solve constantly and have key analytical skills. It’s stressful but rewarding.

Choosing the right path

Maybe you don’t know which path to go down. That’s ok. There’s plenty of room to get experience in a variety of sectors before specialising. You could look for a role that allows you to rotate and get some experience in different areas with a bigger company. Then you’ll know what will best fit your skills and talents. In which case finish your degree in business, accounting, or finance and throw yourself into the mix.

There’s plenty of opportunities coming along at WWB for whatever you financial skill. Keep your eyes on the WWB Recruitment page for all the latest jobs. Or call us now on 0161 904 8069 and we’ll help you find the right role for you.

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