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A Change In Direction: Has Your Career Become Stagnant?

For millions of people, nothing could be more beneficially life-changing than a quite drastic switch to a new career path.

Of course, there’s a huge difference between acknowledging this fact and actually doing something about it – the latter being a far rarer occurrence. The thing is though, careers and job prospects are the kinds of things that are never just going to fall into the laps of anyone. Golden opportunities are rarely served up on silver platters and it’s not like anyone’s going to force you to do the right thing for your own good.

As such, it’s important to occasionally take a step or two back from the day-to-day life you’re living and ask yourself a few searching questions about both what you’re doing and where you’re going.

If you find yourself ticking any of the following boxes, you should be considering a career change:

Few Foreseeable Prospects.

First of all, take a moment to think of where you expect to see yourself in one, two or ten years if you stay on your current path. Will you be somewhere you really want to be, will you have moved forward to an equally dissatisfying role or will you have made no progress at all? The simple fact of the matter is that if your long-term prospects don’t fill you with enthusiasm and motivation, why waste any more time on a path toward further disappointment?

Lack of Appreciation.

Do you feel you’re actually appreciated in the line of work you’re in, or are you treated more like something of a generic robot? It’s common for workers to feel undervalued from time to time, but if you ever get the feeling you’re pretty much disposable and doing nothing but fill what could be a temporary gap, you need to ask yourself why you’re bothering.

Lack of Motivation.

Motivation is the single most important trait of all when it comes to both getting ahead in any career area and enjoying what you do. Without motivation, you will never enjoy what you do and nor will you get very far in your chosen path. Has your motivation long-since dried up? The time for a much-needed switch could be now.

Clash of Ethics or Ethos.

It’s one thing to work for a business that’s not exactly your favourite in the world, but if those you work for have a totally different ethos or set of working ethics than you yourself have, chances are this clash will make things unsustainable. Find something you genuinely believe in and the rest tends to fall into place quite naturally.

No Real Job Security.

Last but not least, if for one second you have the inkling that you’re on borrowed time or are essentially always just waiting to be told your job is on the chopping block, this is really no way to live or work long term. Job security breeds satisfaction, which breeds motivation and ultimately a job you can actually be happy doing. Without job security, you’re on thin ice.

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