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A Selection of Recruitment Process Myths Not to Read Into

If you thought the various myths about the recruitment process doing the rounds were effectively harmless, think again. In truth, when and where any jobseeker misunderstands any element of the recruitment process whatsoever, statistically speaking their chances of nailing their ideal job take a nosedive.

So for those who are well and truly vested in securing a viable post in the near future, here’s a quick look at some of the most commonly-perpetuated recruitment process myths of all that should be ignored at all costs.

The Younger, the Better

First up, if you have ever been put off the idea of applying for any given role simply having concluded that you are too long-in-the-tooth, here’s a habit to kick right away. While there will always be certain roles more closely associated with younger job seekers, the vast majority of brands, businesses and organisations appreciate and actively seek older candidates with more life experience and maturity.

CV Gaps Are Always Harmful

If you have a huge gap on your CV due to having spent six months playing video games and putting on weight, this isn’t going to do you any real favours. However, if you can convince your perspective employers that the gap in your CV was and is necessary due to some fantastically beneficial or life-developing pursuit, it could actually work in your favour. Just be careful if you intend to stretch the truth as chances are the actual explanation for your CV gap will come to light sooner or later.

All Jobs Get Posted Online

Sadly, even if you were to register with a dozen of the very best recruitment agencies on the web, you would still count yourself out of the running for a huge proportion of choice job opportunities. There are so many companies of all sizes all over the world that do not list a single position online in any way, shape or form – you have to reach out to them directly to find out what’s happening.

Cover Letters Are Pointless

This is only true in the instances of those tragically generic cover letters wherein their respective authors have penned something completely and utterly non- specific and simply changed the name of the target employer. If by contrast you put extensive time and effort into creating each cover letter in direct accordance with the position and company you are applying to, cover letters can be both helpful and influential.

Start High, Then Backtrack

When it comes to salary demands and expectations, there’s a very fine line between showing confidence in your abilities/value and completely pricing yourself out of the market. So while there’s nothing to gain from selling yourself short, including an overly ambitious salary demand in your application may result in it not been realistically considered.

If They Don’t Call, Don’t Bother

Last up, don’t ever fall into the trap of assuming that if you don’t hear back from your perspective employers, it’s game over. The simple fact of the matter is that regardless of the outcome, you need to take the opportunity to speak to those in charge of the recruitment process to find out what, if anything, went wrong. Not only this, but to keep in at least some semblance of contact with them after the conclusion of this particular recruitment drive is to potentially put yourself right at the front of the queue next time any relevant vacancies come along.

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