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African Recruitment Interview Questions To Ask And Avoid

One of the most commonly asked questions of all regarding the interview process for a job in Africa is how the interview itself differs from the domestic variety.

Interestingly, interviews don’t actually tend to be a great deal different no matter where it is you’re heading for one – international businesses tend to follow a relatively similar protocol that’s universally effective.

That being said however, surveys have proven over recent years that international recruiters – particularly those in Africa and the Middle East – are quite comprehensively turned off by candidates who don’t show enough interest in the post and/or the business. How can you show more interest than going along to the interview in the first place? It’s easy – by asking all the right questions.

Asking questions conveys interest, shows initiative and also displays a desire to learn. By contrast, asking no questions at all gives the impression of the opposite on all fronts. But just to complicate matters a little further, there are certain questions that should always be answered during the African recruitment process and others that should be avoided at all costs.

Interview Questions to Ask At an Interview Unless Already Covered:

What kind of progression opportunities does the job offer?
With this question, you’re showing both ambition and an inherent desire to stay with the business long-term, both of which are desirable qualities in any employee.

If my application is successful, how quickly would you like me to start?
It’s important to clarify this if not already covered as it shows a solid level of respect and courtesy for both your current and prospective employer.

What does a typical working day in the role look like?
This question shows genuine interest in the position itself and the desire to understand every facet of what would be required on a day-to-day basis.

Is this a newly created position?
Another effective question to demonstrate curiosity and interest in the position.

Are there any additional or optional training courses available?
To ask this is to demonstrate your willingness to go beyond the basics to train and hone your skills further.

When can I expect to hear from you?
A question that shows enthusiasm and a sense of working within a timeframe without straying into pushiness.

Interview Questions Not to Ask Under Any Circumstance:

What exactly does your business do?
If you don’t know what the business does by the time your interview rolls around, you have essentially no place trying to land a post with it.

How quickly will I get my first raise?
If they get the idea you’re more concerned with money than anything else, you’re again doomed to fail.

How fast do promotion opportunities come along?
It’s important to show willingness to learn, grow and commit, but not be trying to fly before you’ve first proved you can walk.

Have I got the job?
You’ll be told when the time is right and so should never push an interviewer into giving you even a hint toward an answer.

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