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#AskAndy (Part 2)

We recently launched a new recruitment feature to the WWB Recruitment called #AskAndy. A recruitment Q&A with Managing Director, Andrew Bourne, held on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month.

We have had a great response to this feature from both businesses and job seekers and to give you a flavour of some of the questions please see below:

#AskAndy@WWBRecruitment – Is a positive reputation say via #linkedin recommendations vital to get recruited?

       A: not always via LinkedIn, desirable not essential, we do take a look at them, word of           mouth rep is important #AskAndy

@WWBRecruitment As a Jobseeker how can I improve my relationship with recruiters? #AskAndy

            A: keep in touch, provide them with the detail, don’t be afraid to         challenge, trust            them too #AskAndy           

@WWBRecruitment What do recruiters look for on CV’s? #AskAndy

                A: consistency if possible, explanation where not, stability, bullet points, few paragraphs,      good profile #AskAndy

@WWBRecruitment Do you have any top tips for interviews? #AskAndy

            A: great Q, I have a link which I will send to you, mainly, do your research, know the job        & your skills to match #AskAndy

@WWBRecruitment how important is a job description? They feel like such a lot of work to prepare! #askandy

            A: it depends on the role, it’s good for a prospective employee to see an outline of a role     even if it changes #AskAndy

@WWBRecruitment Is the financial recruitment sector growing ?#AskAndy Do businesses seek FD support as they move out of recessionary times?

            A: Yes absolutely we have seen an increase across sectors since before the end of 2013     at the senior end of the market #AskAndy

Hi, we’ve struggled on Maternity cover for a recent role (not mine!). Any hints for finding good cover on a long term temp basis? #AskAndy

            A: Thank you, great Q, have you looked at a fixed term contract with a bonus for the contract to be completed? #AskAndy

Our next #AskAndy will take place on Thursday 5th June, from 12noon – 2pm. However, you can ask questions anytime by tweeting us @WWBRecruitment. We look forward to answering your questions!

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