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Candidates continue to Amaze

Despite all my years in recruitment and all of the Superstar candidates I have represented, I find myself constantly amazed when a candidate decides to cancel a meeting 5 minutes before or after it was due to start. Or worse still ringing me with what I can only be described as an Oscar Award Winning excuse as to why they cannot attend their interview. And then as if by magic they disappear into thin air! Paul Daniels would be impressed.

What is more surprising is that this figure has risen since we have seen the improved market conditions. Surprised? Me too. In the last week alone we have witnessed these ‘no shows’ more than three times. Did we choose the wrong candidates? Did we wrongly match candidates to a role? The honest answer is no. As seasoned recruiters here at WWB Recruitment we pride ourselves on matching a candidate’s abilities, skills and personality to a client’s requirements and business. I truly believe that the candidates were perfectly matched to the positions, and in eight out of ten cases the candidates approached us, looking for us to support them in finding the perfect job.

I ask myself, what next?

What’s next is the unsavoury taste, which is often left in a client’s mouth. Disappointment in the candidates we have presented, wondering whether it is their or our misjudgment, losing trust in our ability or worst case presuming that all candidates are the same. Because of this frustration some of our clients choose to source candidates via another agency, which is disappointing as generally our candidates are Superstars, they really are. When another agency gets involved in the recruitment process this is hugely detrimental to our business and the candidates we represent. What more could we have done? We interview and reference our candidates putting them through a rigorous registration and face to face interview process, which in turn gives us the confidence to make a recommendation to our client. Yet on some occasions all of this preparation is just not enough.

From a personal perspective, I can honestly say that there is nothing more disheartening than a candidate letting you down after you have taken the time to meet, discuss the role with them and in most cases at great length, profiling their CV and of course helping them in their interview preparation. As a recruiter I can honestly say that after eight years, I still get a huge amount of pleasure from supporting a candidate through their job search and, better still, helping them in securing their perfect job! I love my job.

On a positive note, are these ‘no shows’ a sign of the recruitment market recovering with increasing numbers of vacancies and more choice for candidates? Or and disappointingly so, are candidates becoming more unreliable and non-committal? In the current job market we have seen increased tick lists, reduced salaries and clients wanting more for their money. Candidates need to be prepared to stand out in the crowd and occasionally this means going the extra mile. I am 100% committed to my candidates and will ensure that I do my absolute best to support them in their search, whether this is offering them advice and guidance on their CV profiling, interview preparation tips or general advice on the market conditions.

For more information or to discuss your next move please contact Kerri-Ann Hargreaves.

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