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Climb Every Mountain

Can you smell the fresh mountain air yet? Oh yes our task is laid out, training still in progress and sponsorship forms still pending.

All waiting for the day (Thursday, June 19) when the WWB team will leave their suits at home and take on Mount Snowdon.

This year we’re raising money for community charity Forever Manchester (@4EVERManchester). It’s a fantastic cause that invests money in Greater Manchester’s communities to support local people who are trying to make positive change in their lives now and forever.

But this is going to be no easy stroll. This is what we know of the mount they call snow hill:

  • Snowdon is the highest mountain in Wales at 1085 m (3560 ft). In Britain that honour goes to Ben Nevis, in Scotland.
  • Snowdon is one of more than 90 summits over 2,000 feet in Snowdonia, and one of 15 peaks exceeding 3,000 feet.
  • Snowdon actually means ‘snow hill’ in English which is apt, because you can find much of the white stuff covering parts of the mountain all year round. In Welsh, it is called Yr Wyddfa – a shortened version of its old name, Yr Wyddfa Fawr (which means the Great Tomb or the Great Throne). It was also at one time known as Carnedd y Cawr, (the Cairn of the Giant).
  • Edmund Hillary trained here for his Mount Everest expedition.
  • According to Welsh folklore, the giant, Rhitta Gawr, is buried on the summit of Snowdon. Rhitta Gawr was killed by King Arthur.
  • There are six official routes up Snowdon, varying in difficulty and approaching the summit from different sides of the mountain. These are the Watkin Path, the Llanberis Path, the Miners Path, the Pyg Track, the Rhyd Ddu Path and Snowdon Ranger.
  • The summit can also be reached by the Snowdon Railway Line which opened in 1896.
  • Five hundred million years ago, Snowdon was on the seabed, (fragments of shell fossils have been found on the mountain’s summit).
  • The rare Snowdon Lily grows on its slopes – a delicate arctic-alpine plant with white flowers and grass-like leaves which can be found high in the mountains of Snowdonia. It’s protected by law, so it’s not to be picked.
  • With the right weather you can see not only Wales, but England, Scotland, Ireland and the Isle of Man.
  • For those who really like a challenge, they can walk Snowdon as part of the Three Peaks Challenge, along with Scafell Pike and Ben Nevis.

Together we will be climbing Mount Snowdon on Thursday 19th June and we would be delighted if you could support us in our efforts

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