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Employment: Requesting a Raise – Making Your Pitch Count

It’s no secret that asking for a raise in any line of work can be one of the most intimidating employment experiences. This of course counts double for those that have never even thought about asking for a raise before – with no frame of reference, it can feel a little like grasping for straws in the dark.

Now, anyone’s chances of being successful in their request will come largely down to who they are, what they do, in what capacity they do it in and in which industry area they are based. Nevertheless, no matter what the specifics of the situation are there are certain universal rules that underpin the kind of pitch that’s most likely to be successful.

Here’s a look at the most important employment examples:

1 – Be Specific

First of all, you cannot expect to be given a raise if you don’t know what kind of raise you’d like. The whole point of asking in the first place is to basically say “This is what I deserve for the job I do” which somewhat falls apart if even you don’t seem to know what you want. Have a figure in mind and also a bottom-level figure you won’t accept anything below – vagueness will never work in your favour.

2 – Plan Your Pitch

As for the pitch itself, you need to plan ahead to the same kind of extent you would if you were planning a public speech, a corporate marketing pitch or anything else of the sort. You need to get across not only what you want, but exactly why you deserve it along with evidence to support your claims. After all, you’re basically looking to sell who you are and what you do for a higher price. What’s more, you need to be ready to answer any and all questions without hesitation – treat it with just as much importance as any standard recruitment interview.

3 – Never Make Threats

One of the worst things anyone can do when looking to score a raise is to make threats. If you resort to telling your boss you’ll leave, slack off or generally throw a tantrum if they don’t bow to your demands, you’ll instantly lose their respect and any likelihood of the raise being approved. Threats never work, so don’t use them.

4 – Remain Professional

No matter what the response may be or how unfair it seems, you must remain professional at all times. Even if your instincts tell you to start shouting, swearing and letting your boss know what you really think of them, all you’ll be doing is totally destroying your chances of getting any kind of raise in the near future…or perhaps ever, for that matter.

5 – Consider Your Options

Last up, if the result hasn’t been quite as positive as expected, it’s a case of taking the necessary time to consider what happened and to re-evaluate your options. From pitching your request to a higher-ranking boss to seeking new employment or even taking things to a tribunal if you believe you’re being treated unfairly, there are always multiple avenues to explore.

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