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Financial Training

Financial training is still a ‘need-to-have’ rather than a ‘nice-to-have’ qualification for those entering the finance industry.

Times have changed recently in financial education. Taking time off to do a masters or any qualification is still no guarantee you will get a job. Plus you aren’t earning and things change so you need to keep up to date.

Looking back, most financial professionals agree that once you finish school it’s only the beginning. todays climate when the industry is moving towards certification.

You can’t just have a degree. You can’t rest. You need to keep studying. The professional CFA qualification, for example, is more used than it used to be. It has led to more consultants and risk management positions.

If not the CFA then the other option is an MBA. The main advantage we can see here it that it allows people to move between different sectors. That and the networking – what could substitute the friends you make while studying for your MBA. You have to think about return on investment.

Elite business schools will always offer a great network, but as many of us know you need to work for it. You still need work experience. In fact, you need several years of that. Because those are the candidates that are most valued.

You can do an MBA through night school which is an attractive option. And for those of us that weren’t sure what they wanted to do in business then the MBA is still the most powerful way to learn.

It’s fair to say that business education is itself a business. Any new academic will be keen to make the right choices. In finance, this is because of the need for knowledge.

Massimo Massa, professor of banking and finance believes the financial crisis happened because of lack of knowledge. And they won’t make the same mistake again. And so financial education is imperative. It’s about reducing risk and generating wealth.

There are lots of schools trying to keep up with financial training. It’s just that there’s more choice than ever before. And a departure from more traditional offerings – MBA programmes and short courses for executives – to produce professionals who can work in a strategic role within the financial services industry.

People still want financial education.

There’s still big demand for master’s in finance courses. and financial training will always be a need to have.

And then the work really begins?

Are you a finance professional? Share your training stories here?

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