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Fired From Your Last Job? It Needn’t Cost You Your Next.

It’s common to assume that if for any reason you got yourself fired from a previous job, your chances of securing another job in any field whatsoever dry up pretty comprehensively.

Of course, there’s much to be said for having a clean sheet and it’s not as if getting yourself sacked for something wholly unacceptable is going to help you stand out for positive reasons, but at the same time it doesn’t have to mean the end of the world; or the end of your working life.

Instead, it’s all about trying to turn a negative into a positive, which can be tricky to accomplish but is more than possible to do.

Stay Honest and Open.

For example, in the application process you will of course be asked about your employment history and therefore cannot expect to get away with lying. Likewise, if the application specifically asks at any time why you left your previous job, you won’t necessarily do yourself any favour by fabricating what really happened. Instead, it’s better to leave things somewhat open by simply saying your contract was terminated or came to an end, without going into graphic details as to why. This way, you set yourself up for deeper questioning at the interview you’ll hopefully get and can then explain in your own words why indeed your contract ended.

It’s all about staying honest and open, which in the case of being fired from a job means making it clear that you understand the mistakes you made, have no excuses, and have learned extremely valuable lessons in the interim. Nobody’s perfect and everyone has a past – it’s how these past experiences are used to build a better future that counts.

Focus on the Positive.

The subject as a whole is one that’s undeniably gloomy and a little on the depressing side, but at the same time can be brought around and made into something positive. For example, prior to getting fired from your last job, chances are you gained a lot of experience and learned new skills along the way – this is what you should be focusing on. And if there’s been any kind of gap in your employment since you lost your last job, you should focus on the positive things you’ve been doing in the meantime and how your experiences have made you better-equipped for the job you’re applying for now.

It’s hard to make anyone believe that getting fired ‘made you the person you are today’ without a good deal of pleading your case, but it can indeed happen. If you’re willing to own up to your mistakes and really convince the recruiters that the whole negative experience has transformed both your attitude and approach to life in ways you never thought possible, there’s really nothing to stop you standing out as a candidate of choice.

Getting fired is a big deal and will represent a black mark on your CV that cannot be erased, but at the same time it doesn’t have to adversely affect your future chances of getting the job of your dreams.

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