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Five CV Myths You Shouldn’t Read Too Much Into.

CVs can be fickle mistresses to say the least, as there really aren’t many instances in life when a sheet of paper with a few words scattered across could well and truly determine your future as a whole.

Needless to say of course, this is precisely why the very mention of a CV is often enough to put the fear of God in some people, as you only get one chance to get it right, and doing so isn’t always a walk in the park.

Interestingly though, it can often be more effective to look at CV myths and mistakes in order to know how to steer clear of so many common errors.

So, if you’re in the process of penning a CV give thought to the following long-standing myths:

1 – It MUST be One Page Maximum.

While it’s 100% true to say that a CV should be as concise and as short as possible, this doesn’t mean it simply must be one page and no more. If the kind of stuff you have to tell the prospective employers demands two or more pages, it’s better to make the CV longer than to miss out crucial details. What employers don’t like are CVs that are unnecessarily long just for the sake of it – CVs that have to be long to facilitate the content on the other hand are totally different.

2 – Bright and Bold Gets Noticed.

Another entry in the most popular CV myths is that it’s largely assumed that a good way of getting your CV noticed is to use bright colours, bold fonts and something of a non-standard layout. Sadly, not only do millions of other applicants every day do exactly the same, but these kinds of tactics are often seen as a means by which to make up for the CV’s less than bright and bold content. Keep it simple, keep it accurate, and keep it honest.

3 – Employment Gaps Are Fatal.

Gaps in your employment history may appear to be negatives, but can actually be transformed into 100% positives if approached in the right way. Instead of focusing on your gaps, think instead about what you did during this time, how it helped you develop and how it applies to the job you’re applying for…and make sure this is all communicated.

4 – You Don’t Need a Different CV for Every Employer.

It’s common practice to use the same CV for every job application across the board only to change the cover letter very slightly in accordance with who you’re applying to. Bad idea – it’s always better to edit your CV at least slightly in accordance with every different post you apply for…something employers always respond kindly to.

5 – Little Lies Don’t Matter.

Last but not least, you just never know which elements of your CV the prospective employer will want to discuss in great depth and detail – it could be the one tiny detail you weren’t 100% honest about. It’s just not worth stretching the truth with any CV as the moment you’re found out, any trust and respect you may have built with the employer will vanish…and forever.

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