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WWB offers bespoke recruitment solutions for
professionals from Accountancy, Finance,
Banking, Insurance and Human Resources
for local, national and international
clients and candidates.

With a local presence and a global reach, we
have successfully been servicing the needs
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world since 2001.

Frugal Friends

If you’ve learnt anything in the financial profession, it’s surely how to be good
with money. So it follows that you’d be interested in how you can save. We
are always on the look out for great sites that help everyone keep on top of
their financial security. Just call us your frugal friend. Here’s three top financial
wonder sites you should bookmark this week: It might be an obvious choice, but there’s a
reason why Martin Lewis’ site is so popular. There really is a wealth of
information on here for those who know very little and also those who want to
know more. And it’s all in pretty easy to understand language. That’s the USP
here. If you don’t understand how something works, or you want to explain it
to somebody else then this is the place to go. The Super friendly money saving community. ‘Save money,
be happier’ it shouts from the homepage. And judging from the feedback, it
gets that message through. As well as a guide to saving from everything from
broadband to groceries, it partners with all the top brands, so if you are buying
something from somewhere specific, it’s worth checking this site first to
ensure you don’t miss the latest offer. It’s a service that allows you to create a profile to look at all
your financial accounts in once place. And it separates your expenditure into
categories, has a budgeting tool with SMS alerts to make sure you don’t lose
track of your budget. It takes some time to set it up, but it’s worth it and is
available on your iPhone.

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