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Education Imperfection? It Needn’t Harm Your Job Application.

During any recruitment process, noticing that you don’t quite measure up to the mark in terms of education can be a bit of a downer to say the least.

You find the job of your dreams, it’s a job you know you can do and it all seems pretty much perfect – aside from the fact that there’s one tiny academic box you’re unable to tick. Some demand specific degrees, others specific degree levels and so on and so forth – the prerequisites in order to have your application considered.

But here’s the thing – not having these academic prerequisites need not necessarily ruin your chances. The reason being that if it was all about qualifications and nothing more, there would technically be no need for the recruitment process – they could just pick at random. The fact that this isn’t the case should tell you that there’s far more to life than qualifications and if you genuinely do have what it takes, you shouldn’t let imperfections in your education hold you back.

Here’s a few tips of getting in the running for a job application even when your qualifications don’t measure up:

1 – Don’t Lie.

First of all, never fall into the trap of lying just to make sure you get an interview. Yes, there’s a chance they won’t invite you in if you tell the truth, but at the same time there’s a 100% chance they’ll lose all respect for you if you lie in your application. Tell the truth, but make it clear throughout that qualifications or not, there’s none better suited to the job than you.

2 – Focus on Experience.

Regardless of the job, the level or the industry area, experience will always count for exponentially more than education. As such, your education may not be up to par, but if you’re able to outshine your rival applicants by way of experience, you technically have a one up over the pack. Think of what you’ve done and what you’re doing right now that’s relevant and makes you the right choice for the job – then sell it!

3 – Fit the Job Description.

It’s all about fitting the job description, so take as much time as necessary to determine if and why you are indeed the best candidate to cover every last point. If you can convince them of this, you’ll get the job no worries.

4 – Never Lose Confidence.

When the interview rolls around, don’t spend any time drawing attention to your less-than perfect education or in any way apologising for your imperfections. This isn’t what they want to see and will only reinforce any objections they have – it’s much better to instead be supremely confident that this job was made for you and vice-versa.

5 – Additional Study.

Last but not least, if your education really is getting in the way of your successes when it comes to job-hunting, it might be worth considering enrolling in additional studies to top things up a bit. And of course, this is just the kind of proactivity that’s pure gold for CVs and future job applications.

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