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How to Prepare for Work after Graduating

Unfortunate as it may be, it is nonetheless true to say that a great many graduates find the process of securing their first job much more difficult than they expect. With the notable example of a few highly specialist fields, it is actually relatively uncommon for graduates to walk out of university and walk straight into a job.

The good news however is that there are various ways and means by which this transition period can be approached proactively and beneficially. So for those approaching the end of their studies or perhaps already in the process of looking for their first job, here’s a quick rundown of just a few essential tips for preparing for work after graduating

1 – Work On Your CV

First and foremost, you have to be aware of the fact that unless your CV stands out, you cannot expect to have any immediate success. There is really no such thing as spending too much time working on and perfecting your CV, though ensuring it stands out from the crowd is just as important as ensuring it contains all the relevant details. Feel free to inject a little creativity into things and be sure to check out as many online CV assistance resources as necessary.

2 – Prepare For Interviews

The same also goes for the interview stage in the recruitment process as there is once again no such thing as being too prepared. Any time you have in the run- up to pursuing employment can be used to research and practice the kinds of interview questions you can pretty much guarantee will come up during the interview itself.

3 – Research Well

If you have decided on a particular company or industry you would like to work with long-term, you should think about spending as much time as possible researching it in-depth. This way, you’ll gain a much better understanding of exactly what these particular employers are looking for in new recruits, as well as the kinds of positions that come up and their respective job descriptions. You may find that there are incredible positions out there you didn’t even know existed.

4 – Build Your Brand

Every single person looking to secure employment has their own personal ‘brand’ which warrants plenty of time and attention. These days, it is standard for recruiters and prospective employers to take a good look at your social media accounts, websites and other such assets before making their decisions. As such, if your LinkedIn profile for example isn’t exactly up to par, this is something you should consider working on as soon as possible.

5 – Stay Busy

Last but not least, it is no secret that the bigger the gaps are in the employment history on your CV, the less attractive you may come across as an employment prospect. The simple fact of the matter is that while you may find yourself going through dry periods before securing employment, you need to ensure that you stay busy to such an extent that you are able to explain exactly what you did during this period when asked. From independent research to further education to volunteer work or really any other kind of employment whatsoever, it is always better to be doing something than to be doing absolutely nothing at all.

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